I just want to change the screen resolution.

  • Hello, the chromium screen resolution is standard 1920x1200, what should I do to change it randomly? I don't want to use fingerprint, I will just change the screen resolution.

  • You can set random values for both Width and Height in 3 ways.

    1. Set by frequently used values
      Create a RESOLUTION list with Width,Height value pairs. Eg:
      1280, 1024
      Then select RANDOM in this list, and then Parse that value to Width and Height respectively.

    2. Set any random.
      Create RANDOM_NUMBER for both Width and Height values. For example
      Width random from 1280 to 2560.
      Height random from 960 to 1440.
      And this pair of values we have the browser's resolution.

    3. Analyze data from browser fingerprint.
      You can fingerprint the browser, then use Json to get the Width and Height values respectively.

  • No, I don't want it to be like that, so I don't quite understand what you mean. I want to replace Screen Resolution values with set title in https://browserleaks.com/javascript site. how can I do it.

  • @ersntas11 Screenshot_1.png
    If you want to change the Screen Resolution (not viewport) without using browser fingerprinting, I can't think of a way to do it because screen resolution is related to the hardware of the computer. Only when using browser fingerprinting, hardware information is changed and then the Screen Resolution value is changed accordingly.
    There may be a way to do it, but I have not researched or learned about it.

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