Login Telegram with tdata or session

  • I have tdata or session how can I login Telegram on website: https://web.telegram.org?
    When login enter phone number it will need code to enter, how can I get this from tdata or stored session file?

  • no, cant

  • @xuandungpy The problem here is getting the Login Code from the application.
    Do it manually:
    Open the telegram application corresponding to the account you need to log in on the browser.
    Then just do the steps to log in on the web browser, enter the phone number, get the Login Code on the application and enter the password 2fa.

    Run Process in BAS can be used in combination with other languages such as Python, Js... to get the Login Code from the application.

    This could be a way to deal with it.
    I am not dealing with this issue.
    Please try.

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