How to upload image from folders

  • I have an issue in twitter site when try to upload an image by open file result is not working

    what I need is upload randomly images into profile page twitter.

  • In my case, image is coming up when changing profile picture using Open File Result but when clicking on Save button i am getting error message : sorry cannot change profile picture please try again. Same thing is happening with you ?

  • Just did it. just like the tutorial
    alt text

    check this tutorial :

    And learn more of BAS from this channel :

    if you want to upload random picture. Well, the stupid way is using random number. Rename your pictures like. picture_1001.jpg,picture_1003.jpg then on open file result use: D:\picture_[[RANDOM_NUMBER]].jpg

    @niceusername maybe your account flagged or internet problem. Try reset and change IP/image.

  • Thanks rere003,
    no my account is not flagged i changed the profile pic manually of that account. I was changing the profile picture by going to edit profile and not from homepage. Can you please tell from where you were changing profile picture? from homepage or going to account->edit profile ?

  • @tdzone Most of image upload issues are realted to disabled webrtc/canvas. Enable it in settings, and it will work.


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