Fixed, thanks!

  • Nevermind, thanks to Viet everything.

  • When in write mode, "Path to project directory" is where your project file are located.
    But in run mode, "Path to project directory" it's not like in write mode, that's where your compiled project is saved, the path is \AppData\Roaming\BrowserAutomationStudio\release\ <projectname>
    So to work, you can:

    • Specify the correct path to the extension foler. ( eg: C:/function )
    • Copy the extension folder to the path \AppData\Roaming\BrowserAutomationStudio\release\ <projectname>

  • @BAS-Viet-Nam

    Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. This is still not working, as you can see:

    I've already moved the extension folder to the Release folder to test it.

    You can see here, when running the Log tells me where the Directory is

    Error while running after compilation:
    alt text

    Extension in folder:
    alt text

    Browser settings:
    alt text

    I can't just input the path right away, since I need to share this program via license & everyones paths would be different.

  • @Alchemist I think you've got the answer.

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