Data leak between various threads of the same script

  • As title say 'im experiencing data leak between multiple threads of script launched in browser automation studio. Each thread is supposed to be unique, with it's own fingerprint, it's own proxy but still, for some reason, the website is able to crosslink all the account created in the different thread.

    I cannot give a reasonable explanation to this so get in contact with me and let me show how to replicate this critical issue.


  • I investigated more this issue, parsing network traffic, and found that some connection, on ajax site, are handled directly and not through the proxy. If more data are needed to replicate the issue, contact me.

  • @Biellonzo Check each proxy. If instead of a proxy there is a space, then the requests will come from your ip address.
    Need more information ..

  • @Fox Thanks for your interest on this matter. i'll collect data about leaked traffic connection and all the other needed data in the next days, so we can look deeper into this issue.


  • For thoose who will read that thread. Already solved that, the issue was with process restart in settings.

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