Browser Profiles With Random Folders

  • With the addition of the new profiles feature (which is really great) we now need to have folders for each profile. For a particular automation, i will need lots and lots of profiles / folders.

    Is it possible to do something like this :

    1. create folder with random name (string)
    2. set browser profile folder
    3. use that profile in the same thread / operation

    I tried to do this, but whenever i set the profile folder it resets the browser and can't continue executing the other operations with that profile, as i use a random string to generate the folder name and that random string changes when the browser restarts, so it doesn't select the same profile / folder...

  • Have you solved it?

  • for example you may use DB
    insert any record - give ID record - use ID as unicude folder name

    2 - use timestamp as name ( or md5(timestamp)

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