Proper way to loop a script?

  • Would it be putting all the code in a function and using the call function in several threads script logic or would it be using the "if" logic

  • @cleez Not sure what you mean. Please check out the wiki examples,
    especially Tutorial #4. Creating parser with several stages for the call function in several threads.

    If you set the Success Number to > 1 it will keep running until the Success or Fail mark is hit. If you need to loop something inside the script, Recorder Command -- [cate] Script Logic > For, Foreach, OR While will run the desired code over and over again depending on what you need done.

    • For is Indexed loop.
    • Foreach is for lines from file or array's(list) that need to be looped threw. Account, URL's, PROXIES, etc. Variable "FOREACH_DATA" is auto-created.
    • While is like an "If" statement. (1=1) // will run forever.

    Variable "CYCLE_INDEX" is auto created for all these commands.

    Let me know if this helps!

    Allister ☯

  • @Allister What I mean is I want this script to run a certain amount of times but I couldnt find anywhere to change the success number outside of the "Call function in several threads" feature.

    I do think we might be saying the samething since you do seem to be mentioning using "Call function in several threads" which is what I was asking about.

    I tried using the "Call function in several threads" with the "main" function but it didnt work at all. It seems like I have to make a second function just to get it to work.

  • @cleez

    Ah! Yes, I just looked at Tutorial #1 it's outdated.
    Use the pencil icons to edit the values. (doing "-1" for Success will keep running forever until Fail Number is hit) Most people keep fail real high. 100000+

  • @Allister Woooow how did I not notice those pencil icons lol. Thank you again that is exactly what I was looking for. Is there anyway we can get the tutorials fleshed out and updated? I would definitely like to update the database and twitter one

  • @cleez

    Not sure, I'm busy the next couple of weeks but if there's any that are not done by the time I'm free I'll jump on those on my downtime.

    Allister ☯

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