Unable to launch script

  • Hi,
    So I've made a script that does nearly what I want and works fine inside BAS. On first release test, I hit the compilation button and got "RemoteExecuteScript.exe" ( But no "Run.exe" ), when I click on it the script launcher tries still to download something from the internet. I want to know if that''s normal, because my internet connection is too slow and the stuff it wants to download looks big ( progress bar too slow ).

  • just let it download once and it will run. i think its bas that is needed to run script .

  • @andy231 Thanks for your reply. I've been busy away and I didn't try since to let it download what it wants, but I Already have BAS installed, Maybe because it's not installed on C partition. I will try to reinstall at C, recompile script and run. If all fails I will just try to let download what it wants and see if it works.

  • if you want to run script after compilation into exe, it will require download . So re installation will not help according to me.

  • @andy231 Ok, understood.

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