BAS Subscription But I Need English Tutorials

  • @support I think i speak for most of us the english speaking users when i say that more people would buy the subscription for BAS and it would be a good marketing tool not to mention you would expand the user base considerably if we had tutorials in english like the ones in russian.
    BAS is a beast and the development is consistent, in my opinion is the best automation tool in the market right now and i would like to sustain your work by paying the subscription but i need some advanced tutorials to get started.
    I know if there were some advanced tutorials, the english speaking user base would grow and we would help each other in the forum at some point.
    I'm trying to translate the threads from russian to english so i can learn more stuff but google translate messes things and the words have no sense.

  • @bogdan Yes, there will be english tutorials.
    And I'm already have recorded about an hour for first video, but when I did that I was too frustrated, that there is 14 hours more left.
    So I desided to take some break, caus I've spent all semptember making russian version.
    I'll definitelly continue and finish that task.

  • I'm sure that like me are more people that have their credit card in their hand ready to pay the subscription but they just need the tutorials @support .
    And i do understand the frustration and appreciate all that you've done with the software.
    Hats off to you my friend you've built a masterpiece and in my opinion there's going to be BAS in it's own league and other automation software, if you keep the updates and features coming.
    Thank you again !

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