Important changes in BAS customer support

  • Dear Browser Automation Studio (hereinafter BAS) users! Here we publish important information regarding BAS customer support.

    1. BAS support is now provided by a designated customer support specialist. BAS developer will process only difficult technical problems. If you are subscribed to the Premium plan, feel free to ask questions through Skype and email without risking to distract our developer from his main tasks.

    2. Forum branch “Browser Automation Studio > Support” is not an official channel for customer support. It is primarily meant for free users to ask for help from our awesome community.
      While official BAS representatives monitor this forum branch, prompt answers to support questions posted in it are not guaranteed. We recommend posting difficult development related questions here. For quick questions or bug reports please contact us via Skype or email.

    3. Customer support to users with the Premium subscription is provided through Skype and email. We proceed questions received by email first because this channel is more favorable to having a structured conversation.

    We answer easy questions via Skype. If a question requires a lot of message “ping-pong” or having a structured multi-step conversation, we may ask you to continue the conversation through email.

    We strive to answer all questions within one working day unless a question requires developer’s input. For example, if you sent a question at the end of a working day, it will be answered either the same or the next working day.

    It is difficult to guarantee a certain answering speed for questions that require developer’s input. Usually, it takes from 2 to 5 working days.

  • Hello everyone, I have a difficulty I am a recent user of the program and I have a project where I need to copy information from a site and save but I can not close and open the browser page because every time this happens I have to validate my entry. How can I run it without closing the browser page and opening each query ?????

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