httpclient Bug ?

  • @support just found out that httpclient is not sending custom headers in the order they are set.

    Example - Header set in BAS httpclient


    After Request sent

    ( image from fiddler )

    As you can see above, the headers are misplaced and are not sent as set in httpclient.

    BAS Version - 20.7.6

  • Made some changes, additional headers will preserve its order after 20.8.6 version.
    But that doesn't concern standart headers like Accept, Connection, Host, Cookie
    You also set Host and Connection header and this may be dangerous, it is better to let http client do it.

  • Sorry, but I'll probably won't include this change. Caus there are still many differences, Accept-Encoding for example.
    Web standarts says, that header order could be arbitrary so it shouldn't be a big problem.
    If you want to set headers order in http client, you will probably need to modify libcurl source(

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