BAS worker.exe quarantined by Symantec

  • Hi,
    we have an small issue with BAS and antivirus:

    Short description:
    BAS file "worker.exe" is quarantined by antivirus.

    Detailed bug description(optionally):
    As shown in screenshots below, Symantec Endpoint detects "SONAR.Heuristic.159" and quarantines the file "worker.exe", it is possibly a false positive (it happened us a few months ago with our own application and we had to submit it to get whitelisted

    In other systems we have with other AV software (Windows Defender, ESET Internet Security) everything works fine.



    BAS version.

    OS version.
    Windows 7

    If we can help you with any other information or action, please tell, us.

    Kind regards

    Pedro Porlán

  • @pporlan_click worker.exe contains a lot of low level techniques, especially when it comes to tunneling. So this is possible.

  • or put exception or disable antvirus is false positive

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