How to NOT load images in browser?

  • Hello, is there any options to NOT load images in the browser? I am on a proxy that is charged by bandwith and I am trying to conserve as much bandwith as possible and make the amount of data sent as low as possible.. is there a way to turn this off or other tricks to conserve bandwith? Thanks

  • Try to use "REQUEST MASK DENY " in "NETWORK" tab. Add image url in text box or simply enter extension of image ex..(.png/.jpg/.gif) or you can use wild card like this ( * . Be sure to read manual if you're having problem as it cover all topics in detail.

  • Thanks

    Any other tips anyone has to conserve bandwith ?

  • Best way is to use httpclient ..Superfast and very low bandwidth usage but depends on what you wish to accomplish.

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