[SOLVED]IF Case regexp? (\s)

  • Hello guys, girls,

    What would be the best way to do the following;

    I want to append some streetnames to a box (but they need to be the same else the listbix won't pick them up).
    For a single (\s) it works.

    Var1: Vingerhoedskruid 43
    Var2: Hoogse Dijk 43

    Splitting them on (\S)

    Var1 becomes "Vingerhoedskruid,43"
    Var2 becomes "Hoogse,Dijk,43"

    Now on the last one I need "Hoogse Dijk" and not get Hoogse, Dijk)
    How can one obtain this?

  • I've been trying to mess around with https://bablosoft.github.io/RegexpConstructor/#!/regexptest but I can't seem to split it correctly.

    Mainly want to split the string twice, once for the number and once for the text before the number.

  • Use the Regular Expression ---> "Extract all data" with regular expression \d+ (it will extract the numbers only!!!)

  • Also have a problem with regex

    Trying to solve this captcha:

    Oblicz: 9 + 7 = 16 *

    My regex is: [\s\S]+([\d+])[\s\S]+ .. but it always gives me only last number which is 6 in this case.

    EDIT: Solved

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