Import Proxies from Url, help.

  • Hi!

    Trying to import proxies from a URL That the format is json i think, Anybdoy know how to Import only the IP:port from the site? :)

    Example: "";"8080";"";"";"CONNECT";"Elite";"BRAZIL";"Public Bing";"0.141";"6m" <--


  • @lymz101, show the full answer in JSON format

  • Well it's a Live .txt file with many Lines like the Example above....

    "";"8080";"";"";"CONNECT";"Elite";"UNITED STATES";"Public";"0.094";"15m"
    "";"1080";"";"";"SOCKS4";"Elite";"BOTSWANA";"Public Bing";"9.828";"11m"
    "";"20183";"";"";"CONNECT";"Elite";"BRAZIL";"Public Bing";"0.204";"10m"
    "";"1080";"";"";"SOCKS4";"Elite";"KOREA";"Public Bing";"0.203";"17m"
    "";"1490";"";"";"WEB";"Elite";"UNITED KINGDOM";"Public";"0.078";"22h17m

  • .csv maybe.. hawh

  • @lymz101 Well, it's a file with data, not an answer in json format, save it to disk and from it already take a random string for example, and then it should be parsed

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