Combine MATCH and AT - Is Element Exists by Coordinates

  • Hi ,

    I have examples here ,
    but did not get it working.
    It is possible to check is element exists by coordinates ?
    Lets say i have 30 thumbnails on page and not everytime they are on that page ,
    so i want to check are existing they before clicking :

    MATCH>div class="thumb" >AT>100, 100

    if exists i will click on it, else i will go to check another coordinates and so on.


  • AT> is not coordinates, not here.
    AT> номер попа рядук(number)
    checking MATCH>div class="thumb" >AT>100 == checking 101 div class="thumb" element
    checking MATCH>div class="thumb" >AT>100, 100 == хрень

  • Thanks, now it is clear, and it working !

  • Сhecking coordinates AT> 100,100, what it makes no sense, so so on the coordinates 100,100 something yes there is.

    So, in order ..., you need to get the element by coordinates and check whether it is the one or not.

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