Stop restart Thread from beginning

  • Whenever bot encounters error like:
    Thread ended with message "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: VARIABLE during execution of action "
    it will start from the beginning of function.

    Can i specify for it to ignore the error or restart from another point instead?

  • @Hifive Use it
    0_1527054760712_на форум 10.png

    0_1527054826979_на форум 11.png

  • @Fox

    What is the purpose of having a 'TIMEOUT' action?

    when there is a slow internet and variable is not loaded within the TIMEOUT, how happen?
    how is this different from 'Ignore Error'

  • @Hifive Timeout is the maximum time, during which BAS can load page, if it is exceeded, thread stops with error, unless you wrap load action in ignore errors.

    You can also disable this option
    In this case load action will finishes instantly and you can process page load by yourself, for example, wait while certain text will appear on page, or wait for certain css.

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