BrowserAutomationStudio 20.9.1 has been released

  • A new version has been released, it is capable to completely modify bots user interface. Application that you give to customer will look unique and users won't be able to determine that it is made with BAS.
    Here is an example how user interface will look like:

    Link to gif

    How to start?

    • You need to follow this link
    • Select a script for which you want to change interface.
    • Click the "Enable" button. After that, the interface will be generated individually for your bot.
    • After you have verified that the script is working correctly, click on the "Enable for everyone" button and all your users will receive an update.

    Bot interface is fully customizable.

    You can change bot appearance and logic without any restrictions. Simple changes can be done with visual designer. For more complex, there is a code editor. Changes in the code editor are picked up as properties of controls in the visual designer and vice versa. The interface is written in html and there is an opportunity to add additional libraries, such as: charts, grids, complex controls, and more. There are a lot of such libraries available online.

    New functionality supports a lot of development conveniences.

    Interface can be debugged both in the browser(with the help of the script emulator), and directly in BAS:

    Link to gif

    Of course, you can also run compiled bots and check how it works. In your personal account there are settings that allow only you to access new interface while you are debugging. Since it is based on html, it can be debugged with developer tools for browser.

    Inside user interface, it is possible to use API for communication with BAS.

    BAS sends events to user interface, such as: output to the log, notification about the start and stop of browsers and threads, and so on.
    You can process these events as you like, but the bot developer does not need to write code from scratch, the generator will do it for you,
    you can only twaek this code if it is necessary. Interface itself can access send commands to BAS, for example: start/stop a script, get an image from the browser, generate a variety of reports, and so on. Among the API methods there is also methods to query database built in the BAS, reading and writing global BAS variables.
    Here is an example of handling events and using API:

    Link to gif

    BAS can also execute arbitrary javascript code in the context of the interface.

    All old features of the BAS interface have migrated to the new interface.

    This is the validation of fields, tabs, conditional visibility of resources, localization.

    New interface is available only for premium users.

    This means that if you want to create a bot with a new interface, you must be a premium user.
    But you do not need to have a premium subscription to run the bot. If you are not sure if you need this functionality, you can run the demo and check how your bot looks in the new interface or try how the bot will work with the new interface right in the browser
    But believe me, it's worth it!

  • I believe I have everything set-up correctly, when I run the compiled bot the bot loads, but nothing is shown. It's a blank white interface.

    How do you get the interface to loading the browser in BAS?
    Working for me now.

    Is there a way to set the type of Log message for custom ones? I use log_html and it doesn't seem to show in the new interface.


  • @Allister You can't change type of log message, but you can process them anyway you like by editing "log" events

  • @support

    That is what I ended up doing. Creating the log with object option string and converting it to json inside the log event. I'm ecstatic about this interface update! So many creative ideas!


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