• Currently the resource file (Select) has 2 items for user to select.

    if user needs to use add another item to the list of selection, it seems that I have to re-record the script and re-compile again.

    Any better way to do this? .. like enable user to add to the selection list. if so, how?

  • @Hifive Sorry, I do not understand logic. Need more information (settings screenshot, xml example of project, etc).

  • @romanbiz


    For example, now we only need to choose 1 item from these 3 items.
    In future, maybe we need to add 'house' or something else ..

    how to let user add item to this 'Select' list in future?

  • @Hifive

    1. Create a text file in which there will be data settings (apple, pear, orange). Specify the path to this file in the BAS program settings.
    2. In the BAS program, create a field in which to specify the digit which setting to use.
    3. The digit will match the line in the file 1.

    I hope I understood clearly.

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