Running == Crashing but working in BAS project creator? + big project

  • I have very big project. i started it from 0 and it passed all the functions in BAS project creator (not in running mode).

    Then i went for running mode. 1 thread. and it crashes during certain function.. ALWAYS. I used log actions to detect what function it was.

    I added waiters thinking some actions might be performed too fast which crashes it. but still not fixed it.

    Is it normal for very very big projects to crash? Size is currently 600kb.


    ok I passed this function that previously caused crash! i added literally 100MS waiter EVERY action in that function !! which is annoying workaround. BUT i have another crash! probably adding waiters would work but..

    Before this project was on Disk C:\ (400gb) now its on separate disk G:\ (20gb) AND before it worked ! althrough it was little smaller in size. Is it problem because i changed disk? Note that disk I created after i installed windows and changed disk type to MBR from GPT, while disk C was created during windows installation and it was always GPT (now its mbr as well, no idea if it would work now there)

    I reallly dont get it

  • @yourfriendkarol It's difficult to give one answer on your message, I need to watch the script.

  • @fox i removed "parse line" action that is immediately after project start AND the crash changed to missing variable error. will look more into it. basically i used a keyword that had no value, or its only value was a word assigned by "parse line" before, that was a temporary value anyway.

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