BrowserAutomationStudio 21.0.0 has been released

  • This version focuses on better user experience when using BAS.

    Interactive documentation.

    Added interactive documentation for 10 modules. Interactive documentation covers every action and every parameter inside that action with detailed description, examples and screenshots. It helps to understand what action is doing and how to use it without leaving BAS. Here is a list of documented modules: Database, Email, Http Client, Resources,
    Xpath, Iddle emulation, User interaction, Manual browser control, Process Manager, Regular Expressions.


    Module updates.

    Together with interactive documentation several modules received functional updates. Database module can sort records, filter them by groups, create and manipulate groups and so on. Resources got new action 'List To Resource', http client can mix binary data and normal strings while posting, Process manager correctly sets encoding, can obtain error output, start process in custom folder and hide console.

    Updated context menu for interacting with browser.

    Old context was quite unorganized and could lead to numerous misclicks. New context menu visually looks better, has optimized component order and ability to filter menu items by name. It is much easier to interact with browser elements after update.


    Miscellaneous interface improvements.

    Browser can be scrolled in record mode with mouse wheel. Every element inside
    scenario tab has informative tooltip. Many users don't know about labels and
    how convenient they may be, so scenario tab now has two new buttons to add
    and move to labels. After update, some other actions, that may be usefull
    are highlighted with red border.

    Luminati module.

    Luminati is world's largest proxy network. It offers more than 30 millions of mobile, residental and datacenter IPs which can be filtered over countries, cities, ASN and carriers. Update goes with Luminati proxies module which wraps native API.
    Unfortunately there are still several problems with tunneling Luminati proxies, it doesn't work over http protocol and works only over https. So if you want to use proxies for facebook, or other site, which has https support, it will work perfectly, otherwise you need to use Luminati proxy manager together with standart 'Proxy' action.

    This module is disabled by default, it must be enabled from Menu -> Help -> Module Manager -> Luminati


    Separate installer for premium users.

    You can find link to a new version in your personal cabinet.



    As always new version comes with lot of bugfixes:

    • Proxy action can use domains.
    • Bypass windows defender false positive with protected script.
    • Enabling webrtc in settings automatically tweaks command line.
    • Faster xpath parsing for http client.
    • Descriptive errors for mail module.
    • Preserving changes to profile after thread end.
    • Fixed problems parsing mail headers.
    • Remove resource by index deletes lines from file.
    • Fixed actual file upload in Studio.
    • Fixed wrong index of result in web interface.

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