Error loading page with luminati module proxy

  • Im trying to use the luminati module proxys

    Opened new project
    I set the "Process tunneling" to false in "Browser Settings" action
    and then i set the luminati action with my (zone, user & password)
    and load https site
    run it from "Recording mode"

    this is the only way i got it to work in "Recording mode"
    i had to disable "process tunneling" to get it to load pages
    every other way i tried to set it i got "Error loading page"

    Then i saved it
    and when im trying to run it in "multithreaded mode" in getting again "Error loading page", when its working it "Recording mode".

    im not sure if im doing something wrong

    Dose anyone had a change to get it to work for him?

  • I've tried the same thing as you and for me it's working in RUN mode.
    Have you managed to make it work?

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