Tips on running big applications (+400 threads) without crashing?

  • I currently run a bot made in BAS with 100 threads x 3 = 300 threads.

    And all of them bots' windows lag a lot (not windows like windows 10, but the windowed forms of bots, the bots themselves). i think they can crash, thats why i run it in 3 instances instead of 1 instance with 300 threads.

    my cpu and memory are at 70%, disk at 40%

    i feel like i can run more

    resource interval is set to 0 msec so its not slowed down by waiting for resource


    I want to run more bots and i already have a lot of BAS windows in the start

    are there any tips to run more threads without crashing? or running these 300 threads + from one BAS bot so i have more space on start (and its easier to navigate between various bots?)

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