BAS crashes both runmode and editmode (andcompiled) when operating on files 20mb+

  • Right now Ihave set the bot to continue to next loop iteration if file is bigger than 15 MB.

    So i tried to open file and open file as list.

    then, once i open variable list window in editor, it crashes.

    Same with compiled version.

    I understand that 20MB text file is quite big, but is there a way to split such file using BAS then operate on it?

    seems reading file/reading file to list causes the crash.
    that, or eventually its a regex i do afterwards.
    but its unlikely because no matter what action i tried after opening the file (i tried to split it too or sublist) it always crashed.

    So I assume its "reading file/reading file to list" action thats causing the crash.

    Any clue how can I workaround it in BAS?

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