Приобретение не соответствует некорректному количеству биткойнов

  • Приобретение не удалось с использованием биткойна, немного меньше, чем правильная сумма, мне нужно возмещение или помощь в исправлении.

    Я вижу транзакцию в моей учетной записи для переключателя отпечатков пальцев.

  • @tyrdigital Use the Google translator? You could not buy fingerprintswitcher key?

  • @fox yes. lol

    I tried to buy and it said was under the $10 and failed, but no return of the money etc. Miner fees made total drop below $10.

  • @tyrdigital It doesn't return the money, I haven't seen any place that ever refunds crypto payments automatically since that would make the money disappear in some instances if you're using exchanges that have thousands of temporary wallets etc.

    You'll have to contact @support or wait, he usually checks them every few days and manually accepts them if the payment wasn't enough. I had the same issue as you, I made 2 different transactions to make it go over the sum but it didn't work. Support gave it to me after two days himself.

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