Failed to load page - help

  • Hey guys.. can someone help me with this little annoying thing?

    At the beginning of every function i have "load url" and sometimes site is not loading properly and BAS gives error: failed to load site and the whole script stops..

    What i want if there is such an error i want the script to try to load site once again and continue a script.. not only this specific function but whole script..

    How can i do that :)

  • It sounds like your proxy is dead if it fails to load site, in that case there's no reason to continue your script as everything from there on will fail. You shouldn't load website on every function, instead have specific function which sole task is to load URL, that makes your script smaller and easier to keep track of. For example:

    Main calls functions: PrepareProxy, PrepareURL, RegisterAccount
    Functions: PrepareProxy, PrepareURL, RegisterAccount with each one doing their own thing inside the function

    You can also use ignore error, then check if error exists, if yes then execute Y or X thing.

  • Hey im not using proxies.. but ive managed to do it... ive just added ignore errors.. if error.. reload page :), but thx anyway @toobie

  • My script is not working properly

    I have something like this:

    0_1544282956707_Bez tytułu.jpg

    When site fail to load in log appears:

    [439342125] [09:24:30] Thread #1 : Failed to load page
    [835809656] [09:24:30] Thread #1 : Failed to load page - red color

    The worst thing is that script stops.. and i have to resume it manually..

    Anyone know what im doing wrong?

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