FingerprintSwitcher service 2.0.0 has been released

  • FingerprintSwitcher service was updated:

    alt text

    • Added possibility to change canvas fingerprint
    • Added possibility to change WebGL fingerprint.
    • Your video card renderer and vendor and other properties are replaced with values from devices of real uses.
    • All replacements are performed on browser level, so it is impossible to detect.
    • All values are replaced without browser restart.

    In order to use new features you need to subscribe for FingerprintSwitcher service.
    All you need to do to use new features is to run "Apply Fingerprint" action with new BAS version.

    BAS is also updated to support new features:

    • Settings tab gets new values: WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL switches and ability to set noise patterns.
    • Action "Browser Settings" is also updated accordingly.
    • FingerprintSwitcher BAS module now has interactive documentation.
    • Added new switches to "Apply Fingerprint" action to add noise to WebGL or canvas.
    • Compiled script size is reduced by 150 mb.

    Several issues resolved:

    • Drag and drop bookmarks fixed.
    • Fixed crush on starting function in several threads without sleep.
    • Removed 'a' symbol if clearing empty field.
    • Added native support of captcha guru service.
    • Better support for big strings in database.
    • Database API now can select record by id and filter by exact string match.

    Price for FingerprintSwitcher increased to 20$ per month or 40$ per 3 month.
    There will be a lot of new updates regarding fingerprints in next month and the price will remain unchanged.

  • Does the database features effect the Interface API.Database functions? Seems Api.DatabaseUpdate isnt working for me anymore.


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