Visible if issues... HELP!!!

  • Okay, I was finishing my script and I needed a lot of resources, so I decided to split them in tabs.

    For example:

    TAB 1: Login

    • resoruce 1 (fixed string): user
    • resource 2 (fixed string): password

    TAB 2: Post tweets

    • resource 3 (select): do you want to post tweets?
      select1: yes
      select2: no
    • resource 4 (linesfromfile): select file where the tweets are located

    I don't want the resource 4 to appear if the user select "no" in the resource 3. To achieve that, I was using the "set visible if condition" option after the resource was created, but it only worked with a few resources.

    I made like 7 tabs, and after the resource10, all the resources are shown, no matter if I selected the "set visible if condition" option.

    Do you know how to solve that? It's very important, as the UI must be clear for the user haha

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • First of all, it sounds very wasteful to request users input for each account in the mode of user and password instead of having user input them in .txt file in the format of user:password and then you retrieve it from there automatically. You can adjust the visibility of a resource by opening the resource and changing the option "Visible if: variable/contains" which can be found once you click on "Show More".

    alt text

    You can adjust everything yourself with the use of javascript or the UI constructor which is available for premium users and is fully customizable (just like the premium source code of BAS):

  • This post is deleted!

  • @toobie there examples?

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