BAS doesnt work with polish letters (dropdown menu)?

  • Hey guys.. ive got huge problem..

    It seems that BAS cant input polish letters to dropdown menu

    Thats an example site:

    I can type polish letters like ó ł ś in any input field except dropdown menu..
    Where You have "Województwo" (choose state) try to type letters like ł ś you can copy paste :).. bas does nothing.. and i need to find solution for this one asap :)

    Thx guys in advance for your help once again

    P.S. On Polish keybords letter ł is Altgr+l

    EDIT: Even tried to load from file (UTF-8).. no luck.. im kinda depressed because of this.. if i wont find solution my script with 100 sites is kinda useless :(

  • for the drop-down list you need to use the action Set combobox

  • @gr-al-ni said in BAS doesnt work with polish letters (dropdown menu)?:

    for the drop-down list you need to use the action Set combobox

    Thx @gr-al-ni i was thinking about this.. but it would mean i will have to change it for all sites.. :) if someone wont find another, easier way to do it.. i wont have a choice but to do it :)

  • @plantacja There is another option to make a script using post/get

  • @gr-al-ni thx once again .. but anything with http client is still a black magic for me.. so i will gave to stick i think with set combobox.. :)

  • It took me 4h to change all sites.. but now cities also starts with polish letters like ł, ś etc. (dropdown menu) .. so minimum another 4h.. im thinking about hanging myself :) .. i do really hope that manual browser control will be added soon :D

  • @plantacja I can't understand why you're trying to write in dropbox menu .

    For example if you need to select "śląskie" Click on dropbox item -> set combobox by value -> input "śląskie" in set string .

    or you can count states and assign them index and use "set combobox by index" so if you input 6 in index, it will select 6th states from list and same can be applied to city list. Let us know if you don't understand or need demo script.

  • @andy231 thats what im doing right now.. changing all "write" to combox value for all dropdown menus :) it was my fault at the beginning that i had "write" instead for combox value or index

  • Probably im a little annoying with my problems.. but i have another one :)

    Changing states to set combobox was easy.. but there are also counties and most sites are on different engine (script) we have many variants of the same county


    lets say state is : łódzkie

    counties which means the same, but on each site is written differently like:

    łódzki = Łódzki = Łódzki Wschodni (Łódź) = Łódzki wschodni = łódzki wschodni = Łódzki m.Łódź and so on

    When you are choosing combobox by value, you have to write exact word so it could find it on site.. The only solution to bypass that is i think using regular expression.. ive tried to ignore case sensitive (?i) but without any luck.. i ended with something like (?:Ł|ł)(ódzki)[\s\S]+ but its a no go also

    I know ive could "hardcoded" it all with index but i would have to make xx copies of my script to cover all states and counties..

  • Dont know if this will work but you can try - use all variants of city in combobox by value using "OR" operator ( use constructor ). i guess if this works will be better than making xx copies .

    Or use " Get Element Content " on dropbox and use regex to extract city/state/country from those options using regex and use that extracted text in set combobox by value.

  • @andy231 thx once again mate.. im really shocked that i was able to do it using get element content :) few days ago.. i didnt know almost anything about regex.. and now ive managed to do it :)

    Here is en example for anyone who has/had the same problem with comoboxes :)

    0_1541441132025_testowe adin.xml

  • Got last problem with a dropbox

    What i want to set this dropbox for example to value: "m. Łódź" or "łódzkie wschodnie" or just "łódzki"

    Ive created resource "county" with value: "ód" (need it for choosing different counties)

    Html looks like this: <option value="6000">m. Łódź</option>

    My regex now is:

    \w+{{county}}\w+ - i know its wrong

    The results is always "Łódź"

    \w+{{county}}\w+\s+\w+ gives me łódzki wschodni

    Dont know how to obatin "m. Łódź"

    I know i need to add regex for spaces etc, ive beed trying to do it for like an hour now :) .+, \s \W etc. cant find exact regex for it :/

    I need 1 regex for it on first match :)

  • @plantacja you got correct regex ?

  • Yes thx @andy231 .. it took ma nearly 2 hours to find it ;)


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