What to charge for a bot

  • Can you guys share how you determine what to charge for a bot?

    I plan to build a bot that handles different subscription based applications for people to complete a particular task. Many people use several of those applications to complete the same task as there isn't a single one that is 100% perfect results. This is a major time suck. I don't want to compete against those applications but rather create a bot that handles all of that work in those different applications for them.

    How would you come up with a price for this bot?

  • I see plenty of views but no responses. Maybe more information is needed.

    I can always look up if there are products that a customer wants me to create a bot for and go by the price but what if someone comes to me with the below request. I wouldn't know what to charge.



  • I know that there are many people here that see BAS for marketing and SEO purposes. Since I am from enterprise corporate environment, I can see how BAS can be used for many corporate needs. Unfortunately, I am not an IT person so there is a big learning curve for me. I am more from the end user. So my customers will have to be the end users for now.

  • why does my sentence keeps changing in the forums

  • Nobody wants to share how you come up with a price for your bot? 186 views of this post and I am still talking to myself.

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