Initiate BAS with Email Subject Line

  • I searched the support forum and the youtube channel but didnt find the answer.

    I would like for BAS to initiate certain tasks on certain web apps only when an email with specific words are used in the subject line. The tasks will include information from fields in that email. Perhaps those fields will be in an attached form , attached spreadsheet or maybe on the body of email.

    When I click on Email in BAS then Search First, I see that I can use Subject Query to set the words to initiate the bot.

    My question, how can I set the bot to initiate as soon as I receive the email? I know that I can make BAS to perform this when I run it but I want to know if there is a way to initiate when the email is received.

    Also, how do I make sure that I doesn't perform the same task from emails that it already read and performed task?

    I figure that I have to set up the following in order for BAS to get access to the emails.


  • This is what I have so far.

    I used NEW JOB for the subject line to trigger the task in case someone has a typo before or after the required subject. Plus there will be different words after the trigger.

    If anyone can help me figure out what I should use next to pull data from fields in an attachment it would be appreciated. That data will be used to then open a web based program and fill out a new profile.


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