BrowserAutomationStudio 11.2.0 has been released.

  • Here is list of changes in 11.2.0:

    Added module system, this means, that anyone can extend BAS with javascript or c++. Modules are controlled with module manager:
    Right now documentation for module system is not available, but here is some examples for existing modules:

    Recaptcha 2.0 module. This module helps to solve google image captcha with just one click. Supports: dbc, 2captcha, antigate, rucaptcha and manual solvers. It supports error reporting, and solves additional images provided by google.

    See how it works:

    Filesystem module. This module helps you to interact with file system:

    There is also several new actions: Foreach, Timeout, Report Captcha Failed

    Rucaptcha/2Captcha solver are available for text captchas.

    Automatic capture links from email. All you need to extract links from email is to use one action. It can search email by sender, text or title and extract text.


    Selection panel on scenario tab. There is new title bar which helps to interact with selection buffer:

    Possibility to run only one selected action.

    There is also a bunch of minor changes, here is full list:

    • Show project in titlebar.
    • Show asterisk when project is modified.
    • Recent project widget.
    • Removed old webkit browser: decreased distribution size.
    • Fixed bug with wrong encoding on some sites.
    • Http client decodes pages with gzip encoding.
    • Fix bug output to same file with russian localization.
    • Clear selection on paste.
    • Curl http client creates directory on file download.
    • Partly hdpi support.

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