Loading files

  • Hi, I want to load a specific file from a folder on my computer, it contains cookie info for a site. I can load the file if it is the only file in the directory.

    I have tried using a resource "Filesfromdirectory" with only the one file in it and 'read file', and it works.

    I have tried using a resource "Filesfromdirectory" with more than one file in it, with 'read file' followed by \filename.txt and it does NOT work. Ideally, I want to make a variable from a list that contains the filename.txt in it if I could get that to work.

    I want to be able to have the bot loop through multiple accounts load each file with the account cookie in it, do some automation then set no cookie, move to the next account and load its cookie from another file, and repeat until I finish my list of accounts.

    So I have a list of all the different file names that I want to loop through but how do I specify loading a specific file (the account cookie file) from my list?


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