A few questions about organisate workflow and others

  • I purchased the premium version of BAS and will make a hugh tool with several 100 sites.

    1. For that i need the following Workflow:
    • start BAS-Script
    • look which sites are activated
    • look if the sites are in reload
    • if site is activated and reloadtime is over, start it
    • after succesfully run the script, set reload and check every minute if other sites are out of reload
    1. Next thing is more an optic thing.
      Is it possible to make things like Marker to have a better overview over the several scripts in the projectfile?

    2. I need to manage accountcredentials.
      for that i make a database with the following layout:


    Now i need to extract data from the database like Username and Password from row of Site A.
    Any way for that in case that different sites has different loginmethods like email, username or something else?

    Kind regards and many thanks in advanced

  • U can create either a separeted table for each of the sites or add a column with a specific id for each site.
    In first case u can just get db records, parse them and go on with authenticating while in 2nd case u have to make an id check for all records u got from the db, make a filtered list and then go on with authenticating

  • Thanks.

    You mean something like that:


    If yes, how i can read as examplet the password field from id 5.?

    Kind regards

  • @icemails there is a block to interact with the db, the records u get from the db look like a combined string, so u have to use a string parser to get each value.

    To get the records with id 5, use a block called get records by criteria or sth like that ( i use a russian layout so i dunno how it exactly called ).

    Yep exactly, now u can give each site a specific id.
    No need =)

  • I think i`m to stupid for that. :(
    Tryed the way you tell me and like its written in the tutorial but i only extract a number which i dont know.

    So i need to make the date of release like in 2021.

  • @icemails Lol, the value ur taking about is the record id ( each row or record has it's own id which is generated automatically ) when u get a record from the db is like
    hhr4u83yhrij:username:password etc. so when u use parse string action u have to add several variables.
    -Get a record from the db and store it in a variable

    [[RECORD_FROM_DB]] = h746y4y37g:james:qwerty

    -Use a parse string action and pass in the variable with ur record in the 1st box.

    PS: it's gonna be instead {{acc|notreuse}}

    In the 2nd box add the variables u wanna get ur parsed data to be stored in.

    After u complete these steps u can find ur new variables in the variables maneger =)

  • Is it possible that you make me an example on my data via Teamviewer?

    And did you want to be my Mentor @KiMoO?

    Kind regards

  • @icemails sry for the late response :))
    This is a demo script 0_1550847636588_Test.xml
    This is the db schema that u have to create before launching the script

  • Okay, thanks for your help.
    You are better then the Skype support.

    I try to reorganisate my DB that it looks like yours and take the other data to table Site Data.

    Dit the Table need to be named like yours or can it have another name which i can change in the script?

    It is 2 o`clock in the morning here, so i will try it when i wake up.


    i looked in the Script you made, but it not works like it should.
    I think my english is too bad to write exactly what i need, but i try it again.

    I have a Database with many column.

    Scheduled Pause

    Every row is for another site, in case that i will store 1 login per site.

    So i need to let them find the row of site x and select from them the column password to make that in a variable.

    I make an example:


    If a script run which use site1, it should grab the email and password from the row in which site 1 stand.
    Same on other sites.

    So i need a command like:

    Store data in variable Site1_Password from column password, where sitename=Site1

    My bot i try to create is for around 500 sites and i will store all logins in 1 database to create variables for every single script which is in the mainbot.

    Kind regards from Berlin

  • @icemails

    • If i faced sth like this i would do the following:
    • Get records by criteria (in ur case u should use site1 as a criteria),
      Parse the string i got from the DB (as there is no way to get the value of one single cell, like pass1 or 1@1.de )
      U always gotta get a full string separete by( : ) like

    Site1:YES:username(but u havent definedit):1password:WaletID(not defined):reload(not defined):Scheduled Pause(not defined)
    Then use parse string action.

    I will try to make u a demo ASAP.

  • Ah okay something like:

    Take row from Site1
    Result will be Site1:YES:username(but u havent definedit):1password:WaletID(not defined):reload(not defined):Scheduled Pause(not defined)

    And then i say him to use value 4 for the email and value 5 vor the password to store in the db?

    Kind regards from Berlin

  • @icemails nah, then u gotta use parse string action and store each value in a separeted variable which u define in parse string method.

  • It works, so many thanks for your support.
    1 Beer from me. ;)

    Short overview what i make:

    Select Records by criteria

    Table User Data
    Filter set on name of the Site from which i need the logindata, save it to variable named SITENAME_TLD.


    Parse Line

    Use SITENAME_TLD variable and extract following:


    After that i use the email and password variable to feed it in the bot.

    Many many thanks for that.
    I hope i will learn many things from you.

    Kind regards from Berlin

  • @icemails u got it =), ur welcome :D

  • So i include all the new learned things in my bot, i also understand the if/else thing now. xD

    I have 1 mainbot and 5 functions, 1 function for every site.
    Did a way exist to handle the thread number on how the bot later run?

    Like 1 thread at once and 2 threads at once?
    So that if i set it to 2 threads it makes only 2 functions at once and if a function is finish, that it goes to the next function to adjust the workload from pc.

    Kind regards from berlin and a nice sunny sunday.

  • @icemails exactly as u said .

  • How do i managed that in the bot?

    Only setup the thread number to 2 and it will work in the compiled version to only with 2 threads?


    Kind regards from Berlin

  • @icemails add a resourse then u will be able to define the number of threats when the bot starts.

  • Okay, that works for me.
    Very nice.

    So now i have a bigger problem i think.

    I have a variable called RELOAD which is an string with the value 120-180.

    I go to use the "Time now" command and save it to variable TIME.
    Now i use the "Add seconds to date" command and try to add a random value from 120 to 180 seconds to it.

    I need that to define a reload on the scripts in case that the sites are not allow to come to often.

    I resort the thing now.
    "Time now" saves the value in the variable "TIME", then i create a random string from SITE_TLD_RELOAD_MIN to SITE_TLD_RELOAD_MAX and save that to SITE_TLD_RELOAD_VALUE variable.
    In the "Add seconds to date" command i let him use the actual time from "TIME" variable and calculate the value from SITE_TLD_RELOAD_VALUE on it to save it as variable SITE_TLD_RELOADTIME.

    I think that this work, but first can say if it works when i find a way to not let the function running befor the value from SITE_TLD_RELOADTIME is over.


    Try to save the content from SITE_TLD_RELOADTIME with "Updates records by creteria" but it wont work.
    The database column is on "Date" but it show year 1970 what not can be right.
    From Result command gives out the right time.

    Kind regards from Berlin

  • Forget what i write above. xD

    I find another way where i use the following:

    On the function i use "Date now" command for variable TIME, then i add the created random string from SITE_TLD_RELOAD_MIN to SITE_TLD_RELOAD_MAX to this which i save in variable SITE_TLD_RELOADTIME.

    Now i will use the "Substract Dates" command to calculate SITE_TLD_RELOADTIME - TIME to save the result in TIME2.

    To here all works fine.
    Now comes the actual problem.

    I will use the "IF" command which start a function only when the TIME2 variable is smaller then 0.

    Any hints for that?

    Kind regargs from Berlin.

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