• Hello, today I would like to do a review on Premium Support!

    I'm a premium user for the first time and I'm new to the community!
    In addition to all the information found on the forum I realized that it was necessary to become Premium, not only to have "VIP" support but to support this incredible tool.

    Response time = 10/10 (The most time-consuming response took 40 hours)

    Quality of the answers = 10/10 (Absolutely ALL my doubts have been clarified, and I'm fascinated how this "FREE" program is so incredible!

    Understanding of support = 10/10 (Even using a translator the support strives to understand my problems and my ideas always willing to help and advise!)

    Why should you become premium?
    A: For only 40 dollars you will receive one of the best supports I know!

    I would like to leave this review because ALL what I have requested through Premium email, I have an answer for solution.

    Thank BAS developers!


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