BrowserAutomationStudio 21.7.1 has been released

  • In new version user can control browser.

    This means that all mouse and keyboard events will be sent to the browser directly. This feature is optional, old control mode without any changes stays in the new version as one of the possible options. Here is a complete list of all ways to interact with the browser in the new mode:

    • Mouse clicks.
    • Drag and drop.
    • Double click.
    • Keyboard input.
    • Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C, Ctrl-A, ...
    • Url change.
    • Scroll bar interaction.
    • Tabs management.
    • Browser history(back action).

    In order to enable the new mode, click on this button:

    Modes can also be switched using hotkeys.(F1, F2, F3).

    Video. Manual browser control.

    Automatic script recording.

    BAS can also record a script when manual control is on. To do this, switch to the third mode on the corresponding panel or press F3. In this case, any user interaction will be converted into actions and added to the scenario panel. All actions will get there, except page scrolling. BAS will try to combine actions into chains, for example, clicking on an element and entering text will be merged into the "Type text" into the element, so the script panel will not be filled immediately. The action "Wait Full Page Load" will be added as the page loads in the browser. Here's what it looks like:

    Video. Script recorder.

    Controlling browser in multi-threaded mode.

    New features are also available in multi-threaded mode, to activate it you need to call "Manual browser control" action. This action will give browser control to the user, and he will receive a corresponding notification - the browser will be highlighted with red border,

    and a link will appear in the browser itself, clicking on which will transfer control back to the application

    This method allows you to implement a cooperative browser control - part of work will be done by user, rest by script. For example, entering a captcha or authorization on the site can be performed by user himself, and everything else will be executed by the script automatically.

    Video. Browser control in multi-threaded mode.

    Controlling browser and web interface.

    To start manual browser control with web interface, a native window must be opened. After the manual_control_start event is fired, interface must execute the ShowBrowser method to transfer control to the user. This process is described in more detail in the manual, which has also been updated. In addition, you can use the code of automatically generated interface as an example, or simply leave the generated code unchanged:

    Video. Browser control and web interface.

  • Cant believe you've finally added it!!! :) You are the greatest guys..

  • Awesome implementation! Missing a refresh button (F5)

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