How to know if recaptcha failed so i can get refund?

  • Used bas for years but didnt think too much and had insane costs of recaptchas on 2captcha solver

    Afaik i can get a refund but i have to submit them some recaptcha data that failed to solve (honestly I thought they have this data).

    anyone here gets refunds? how to check if it failed?

  • FOr simple capthca u have to add captcha failed in BAS.. for recaptcha 2captcha it is automated..just check http sniffer

  • @yourfriendkarol

    You'll need to check if it has failed by website "Error Captcha Wrong Message" or other.

    If you are looking for a none browser that wasn't solved inside the browser side, you will need to use your own HTTP Get request to report it or crack open the module and look at the code, seeing what variables are needed to report to via browser side from HTTP (Which uses Internal HTTP Client) side of things.

    Depending on the Captcha method;

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