Loops / using diffrent lines [Info?]

  • I'm trying to make my automation software on regestration , so i have this Name1 , Name2 , randomnumber , First time loop fills it in lets say annyEri77 the second time the bot comes across the loop he will fill in the same ? anyone knows how to fix this issue ?

  • @thesineater

    If you're using them as a resource, make sure you de-select "Reuse Resource" so that a new one is created.


  • @allister Thanks alot for your Kind anwser :D

    if you would be so nice to help me with one more thing !
    so now that accounts are being made and diffrent usernames are being created , i wanted it to be saved to a file. i made that , called it "accounts" but now every time it saves it would overwrite the line before that.

    I tried turning off Reuse resource But that just gives me an error.
    would you happen to know how to fix this issue ?

  • @thesineater
    No Problem Bud!
    Here's a script with 3 different ways to save a file/folder.
    Created with a File Resource path & Folder Resource Path selected by the user and a very useful regex to determine where the current Project Folder is based on Recording location (.xml folder) or compiled (Bot folder location)!

    JS Code for Project Path: (Run in Execute Code Action)

    if ((project_path()).indexOf("appslocal") >= 0) {
        VAR_PROJECTPATH = (project_path()).match(/(.*)(?:appslocal)[\/\]/)[1];
    } else if ((project_path()).indexOf("appsremote") >= 0) {
        VAR_PROJECTPATH = (project_path()).match(/(.*)(?:appsremote)[\/\]/)[1];
    } else {
        VAR_PROJECTPATH = (project_path()).match(/(.*)[\/\]/)[1];

    File Write/Location example:

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