Google CTR Traffic

  • Hi Guys,

    I need a bot to stimulate click through rates for multiple of keywords at Google. The bot would have to:

    • connect from different IP and have a unique fingerprint
    • search for a keyword X from a list provided as input
    • click on search result number Y and ideally dwell some random time on the page

    So the input would be a CSV file in the format of keyword, number.

    I only recently discovered this website and am not familiar with the software. BAS + MT + FingerPrintSwitcher seem like they would all accomplish what I need.

    Before I buy the software could someone experienced please give me their thoughts on whether this can be done?

    Many thanks!

  • It can be done.. and its not that hard to do it. Its a free software and you can do it be yourself.. just some learning curve...

    Laern to:

    1 Use proxy
    2. Use fingerprint switcher
    3. go to google
    4. type text --> your resource list
    5. click link
    6. do things on a site like scrolling.. clicking on random link etc..

  • @plantacja

    Thanks for getting back to me and for confirming the software is capable to do this.

    Unfortunately, my problem is I do not have time to learn as I have an ongoing project that needs to be resourced. We used mechanical turk for this purpose before, but our account was banned.

    Is there anyone who would be willing to set remotely a server for us, configure this solution and provide a basic process/training of how to handle this? How much would it cost?

    Many thanks,

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