possible that old values of variables lag the bot?

  • After i use big list or variable, i always switch it back to null value/empty/some short string
    so i dont have that big var in memory after i dont need it

    however now, ive made really hard on disk and memory bot just to test if it will work fine

    and i create one big variable (for certain reasons)

    after using it my disk usage goes to 80% but then quickly goes back to 10%.

    however, as bot runs for longer, everything lags as hell as if old values were stored somewhere even tho i overwritted these variables with empty values.

    i not only cleaned the variable, but also made the thread finish with success, so end itself, after the work was done, so newly created thread would have no idea about old value, at least that was the aim.

    so are somehow old values of variables still in memory/other place and take computer resources even if they were assigned in already finished thread?

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