What are reasons for threaded function exit crash?

  • when threaded function with 10+ threads exits, using either end script or normal way (just let it execute all code, it will finish the function at thelast block) it often crashes

    i dont know why because i have 2 threaded functions that end same way, have same amount of threads, but one crashes.

    i can see in log that 4 threads out of 15 successfuly ended, and then boom log stopped due to crash

    thanks for any info

  • @yourfriendkarol

    It sounds like it's the threading process in the C++ code to save your process when an endless threading launch loop occurs.

    Have you looked at the full logs in the logging folder? Even on a crash the logs are saved.

  • @yourfriendkarol

    Since you're having alot of problems, send me a PM with your current theory on why its crashing so I can help you dive into this issue and get it fixed for you if possible!

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