Can BAS do few threaded functions in same time? My is crashing and I did literally everything

  • I prefer to have one big bot instead of 4 smaller ones thats why i do everything in 1 bot

    but seems its crashing for some reason.

    i start bot with 3 threads.

    1st thread launches first 15-treaded function
    2nd thread launches second 15-treaded function
    3rd thread launches third 15-treaded function

    which gives 45 threads running in same time and 3 threads just waiting till they finish

    it works fine till I start using 3rd thread.

    then BAS crashes whenever 1st thread 'exits' from 15 threaded function (with end script or success action)

    is the way im using BAS wrong?
    PS, first thread completed just fine before i launched 3rd thread. after that it always crashes on exit

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