Setting minimal bot exe window size?

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    minimum size for bots depends whether it uses browser or not IMO, or it depends on something else, no clue.

    on this screen i have 2 bots windows set to size as small as posssible. you can see the one on left (it has 5 browsers) is bigger than the one on the right (it has 5 instances of GET downloaders, no browsers)

    but thats not the issue. i was wondering if theres way to make these instances smaller than the minimum size because right now I m using second windows desktop feature (one for everything, and on second i have 8 bot instances running with panels visible).
    i have quite big screen resolution but still can fit only 8 bots max visible in the same time.

    not sure if i made much sense with my broken english LMAO so let me rephrase it: Is there way to make BAS bots windows smaller than current minimal size?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @yourfriendkarol
    Currently no, you can use custom interface if you have BAS premium using your third-party to resize them. How ever, setting the startup window size for either interface is not a feature yet. fingers cross hope it comes soon tbh!

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