BrowserAutomationStudio 21.8.0 has been released

  • This version contains one major change - it introduces a task scheduler. Scheduler allows you to work with several applications written in BAS environment at a same time. Scheduler has following properties:

    • Ability to add scripts from a running instance of BAS, from cloud or from a single file.
    • Flexible scheduler settings.
    • Collect information on task performance.
    • Control your tasks in both automatic and manual mode.
    • Integration with compiled applications and with web interface.
    • Fast task list transfer to any machine.
    • Convenient friendly interface.
    • Ability to run the scheduler as a separate application.

    Scheduler basics.

    On a first application start scheduler is installed on the user's PC and added to startup. Such an architecture is necessary in order to be able to perform tasks when BAS is not running. To get started, you need to click on this button in the menu:

    Window which appeares afterwards is the control center, it manages all tasks on current machine, there you can create tasks and get information about their implementation. This is how the scheduler looks when opened for a first time:

    And this is the production version:

    Creating new task occurs by clicking on the "+" button in the lower right corner. User needs to fill out information about the project, enter data, and set the execution time. Data is set only when editing or creating, and the entered values will then be used when task starts.

    There are many different ways to set schedule time, in order to help you to do that there is a tab which contains preview with predicted start time and also a tab with typical setups:

    Obtaining execution reports.

    The main area contains logs and a list of tasks. To receive a report on a specific task, you must click on the menu button for that task:

    Application menu contains more detailed information: a link to the log, results, a report. By clicking on the "Toggle visibility" link you can open the familiar script interface running with BAS:

    Task archive.

    Any task, after its run cycle is completed, gets archived. Tasks from the archive will not be scheduled, but they are also not deleted. The user can restore the task from the archive, or leave it there until he change his mind. Thus, the archive can be used as a catalog of tasks available on this PC.

    Moving task list on other PC.

    Software supports tasks transfering to another machine, in order to do that just go to the menu and select "Save all tasks":

    All tasks, including loaded from file, will be transferred. This applies to both projects and project schedules. After this update, creating VPS bundled with BAS scripts gets easier than ever!

    Integration with compiled scripts.

    There is also a way to provide access to scheduler for users of compiled application. To do this, you must specify option "Integrate scheduler into application" when compiling:

    In this case, user will see a following window when script launches:

    He can choose to either run the scheduler, or run the script once and instantly. Developer is not required to write additional code or send a new archive to user. It is enough just to set flag shown previously when compiling.

    Web interface and scheduler.

    The above setting is also suitable for web interface, and the startup window is also displayed there. In addition, when adding a task with an interface and selecting data, the bot interface created by developer will be shown.

    New API methods added.


    And there is a new event run_type_select

    When upgrading to a new version, you need to regenerate the login interface again or process the new event manually:

    Run scheduler separately from BAS.

    Premium users can find a link to a new project - TaskScheduler in their personal cabinet. TaskScheduler - is a separate application, which runs scheduler without BAS This distribution is recommended for installation on VPS.

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