Page scroll inside Instagram Following frame

  • Does anyone have a solution for this? I can't seem to figure it out since the last element is not visible, also clicking in the frame and then scrolling does not work either!

  • @rekaa0251 Hahah that's nuts! I was literally just working on a project involving that yesterday. So what you do is get yourself on the follower part.

    Create a loop
    The first part of that loop put a "javascript" (under browser section) and in that javascript put:

    var popup = document.getElementsByClassName('isgrP');
    popup[0].scrollTop = 100;

    And name it whatever you want.

    Now right after that(still in the loop), Put another javascript and put:

    var popup = document.getElementsByClassName('isgrP');
    popup[0].scrollTop = 99999999999;

    And after that go to the waiters section and make it sleep for 1 second or "1000 miliseconds"

    That works for me :)

    You can loop that for however long you want. Out of curiosity, what are you going to use it for?

  • @megadarren88 Thanks for the solution to this, I've been working on a instagram bot and needed to add unfollows to it.
    I found another solution by checking how many you are following and then putting in a variable and increasing scroll to the element + increase variable 1+ each time, also works :)

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