Theres a 'bug' when you try to run same xml project in one project, and edit it in another

  • from my understading, if you run a project in BAS EDITOR, and then open it in another editor to edit it when its running, it wont load the version that is running, but some older, 'cached version' of it.

    I dont really understand it, but this way i had to repeat my changes to the bot, because when i clicked "SAVE" in BAS editor, i thought it will save, but when i ran second editor, it wasnt editing the instance that was running in first editor.

    This is not a bug of big importance as I will just stop using 2 editors with same project in the same time. However i decided to make this thread so you know theres such weird behavior

    PS, i havent noticed it instantly, andbeen working with 2 versions of same xml project since yesterday (under same exact name) and now 1 version of that bot has some features that were hard to implement, and other version has other features. now i need to reimplement the features.

    good lesson for me, to not edit bot in one editor and run it in the other

  • for example, for some reason when i launched BAS editor second time, it started not editing the most recent version but some other:
    alt text

    and thus the 5kb reduction size in backups.

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