Script is more responsive if i often clear folders: S, T, Prof - are there any reasons to not do that ++ OTHER QUESTION

  • I clear these folders from bot level.

    I mean:
    bot start >>>> i run 200 threads scraper in multithreaded function >>>> function is done, i remove content of these folders>>>>>>>>>>, i run another 50-200 thread function >>>(REPEAT)

    my assumption is that these folders may contain temporary files or cache or cookie or variables and resources.

    seriously is there any reason to not to clean these often? my pc heats less now, computer uses less resources, script is more responsive and so is system

    what these files contain?

    Is BAS totally compatible with 'prefetch', 'superfetch', 'readyboost', 'intel rapid storage technology' ? I noticed windows *.tmp files are creating in certain windows folder when i download with browser, but when with HTTP CLIENT, they dont.

    I dont have any issues with windows features/services I mentioned, however wanted to be sure. honestly i expected boost in performance of disk read/writes and http client downloads/GETS after installment of Intel Rapid storage but didnt notice any difference

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