Small bot suddenly getting 8gb commit (ram memory) and lags the system

  • I know there is issue with bot but no clue what issue is it.

    Bot browses random webpages and regexes anchor links (<a>) from pag html, then clicks them, then again browses random site, then repeat

    usuallly it has no more than 100mb commit/ram and ive tried the following:

    • disable cache
    • clear cookie,cache, and reset browser after load of very page
    • reassign some big variables, eg from regexing the site after i used them

    What could it be? does the 8gb commit more likely keeps big variable in it that weights 8gb? is it even possible.. seems unlikely. websites weight up to 1mb so even that regex output wouldnt weight more than 300kb max and usually it doesnt weight more than 30kb for sure.

    or maybe my understanding of commit is wrong? but it seems commit == private bytes of application/bot == ram usage
    therefore it would have to be some video or download but i have cache cleaning and download disabled

  • I have the same problem

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