Recaptcha newapi issue

  • Hey. I am trying to make tumblr automatic registration bot.
    I use 2 captcha newapi and antigate newapi to solve recaptcha.
    The problem is that when captcha's solving time is longer than 2 minutes despite of the fact that captcha token from 2captcha or antigate is received, captcha prompts error and requires solving again.
    When time is shorter than 2 minutes everything works fine.
    I have tested it on other sites with recaptcha and on every site there is the same problem. When solving time exceeds 2 minutes recaptcha isn't resolved.
    Does anyone know how to sovle this problem?
    Screenshot below.
    As you can see captcha isn't resolved even though antigate-newapi solved captcha in 300 seconds.
    alt text

  • I found solution but it requires rebuilding recaptcha script in BAS.

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