BAS Expert is needed for creating a music related bot (you know the platforms)

  • Looking to hire an expert. Pm me your work and your contact details!

  • @chrisholmes
    I think we should read the bot requirements rather than a BAS expert!

    What are your requirements?

  • @darkstone

    1. Pull data from a csv file and use it to log in to a website (account data and proxy)

    2. User fingerprint and captcha3 in order to avoid the password reset of the website due to suspicious login

    3. Use the accounts to:
      a) Stream a list of links (multiple lines)
      b) Stream a specific song from a single link
      c) Stream a range of tracks or all tracks
      d) Stream for a specific duration or the full length of each track
      e) Stream a specific number of times each song or between a range of times (example 1 to 5 times)
      f) Like each song, while playing
      g) Follow a playlist without performing song play task (bot should accept also multiple playlists)
      h) Follow an artist (bot should accept also multiple artist links)
      i) perform a clicking task on third-party websites (distributor websites, I will get into more detail later on)

    Hope this technical specification will help to determine what I am looking for

    Kindest regards,
    Chris Holmes

  • I don't understand point number 2
    Add me on skype

  • I have programmed nearly that exact bot, i can add some of your wished features.
    Contact me via Mail
    Then we can get in contact i can demonstrate my bot and we can negotiate the price.

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